Thursday, September 11, 2008


Yeah, okay it moved fast I'll give the program that and yes it did "take" from a number of already produced shows. I disagree with the 80%, more like 90%. When will producers get away from big business and conspiracy theories from the government? Been there done that at least a few dozen times on all networks, YAWN.
The ending did have a twist, unpredictable at best. The older Dad scientist has some nice quirks. The young son too smart for his britches is not bad. The lead women, strong, attractive but damn who gave her the keys to the FBI shop? Looks like a setup to me.
The fast pace reminds me of Sorkin when he did West Wing.
Of course one other thought, did see three new trailers for action movies during this program. Don't suppose that was on purpose do you?
Until next time from the Backwoods.

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